CarlRocks 250x250 STUDIO UPGRADE!

Now with larger controlroom and more space to record...

Bigger, better, harder, faster, LOUDER :)

DoctorLovePower250x250 Album Mix / Master

For Doctor Love Power - Pawn Shop Diaries

This is ruff blues, coming from the heart - going to your heart!

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CorniliousCover250x250 Album Mix / Master

for Cornilious - Cornilious - out now!

I like the fall, I like stormy weather - I like Cornilious!

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ZappaSampler250small Master for "Clowns on Velvet".

Now available on the sampler Sampler "Frank Zappa's Rare Episodes"

This is an interpretation of "clowns on velvet" exclusively produced by the Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra for this collection of rarities.


Now available here:

>>> official Homepage

>>> webshop Cordelia Records


ProjectSAM Demo Contest 2014

A little piece of music needs your help!
Orchestra Library Demo Contest 2014!
I submitted a piece of my work to a Demo Contest, and would be really happy if some of you find the time to click the link below and vote for me (just click the trophys to submit your vote).

Thank you so much - and of course you can take a listen if you like ;)

>>> SAM Projects Demo Contest


Mireille Mathieu october 11th 2013

Madame Mathieu produced by Jan-Eric Kohrs and Stephan Moritz.

Arrangements and Programmings were done by Jan-Eric Kohrs, Sebastian Lang und Carl Carlsson.


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KOH ZOK 250x250Release September 26th 2013

This is a great children movie - truely inspiring to those with big ambitions.

The score music was composed by Dirk Reichardt and David Juergens, and the soundtrack also includes a wonderful version of

"You" by Daniel Nitt.


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Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra - July 1st 2013

After a long struggle to release this stunning recordings of Zappa interprtations we finally made it!

"Strictly Gravy" will be available from July 1st 2013.

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Master for the upcoming release Micha Rohrbeck EP!

Watch out for the release of this EP in May 2013. This is really as eloquent as it gets for Punk, Rock and sometime Pop music :)

>>> This way to Micha Rohrbeck

CORTEZ250-27092028Album Mix / Master for the upcoming release Cortez 27092029!

I m especially looking forward to the release of "Cortez-27092029" which is going to be released any time soon!

Peter Thomas Album Mix / Master for Peter Thomas Skizzen / Standards

Peter Thomas - Skizzen / Standards

Right before Christmas I had the honor of mixing and mastering all of my band collegues recordings from 2012. The CD contains scetches and standards - as the title may imply - which are highlighted by vibraphone solos of a kind. 

Erkan Aki - True LoveErkan Aki "True Love" Release 2012

The Album "True Love" by Star Tenor Erkan Aki produced by Carl Carlsson is now available in stores!

Get in the Ring 2012

This is a Screen trailer for the Kickboxing Event Get in the Ring 2012! Enjoy the Fight!

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